HAUCK - Premium Tamper, made by master craftsmen for master craftsman


We strive for perfect, precise coffee tampers.
In the evolution of our products, in consideration of
user-friendliness and efficiency, we invested the knowledge
of our many years of experience to create a precision tool
that makes no compromises.
Our flexibility enables us to create
customizedsolutions for every customer.

Coffee preparation is a passion that demands experience,
knowledge, enthusiasm and the right equipment in order
to achieve a uniquely pleasurable experience.


Tools are essential for perfect results and
an optimized process. Preparing coffee is a craft.

We have been active in the coffee business for over 30 years.
We understand that especially here the used tools prove decisive for the quality of the results.
Proven Austrian craftsmanship is the backbone of our quality and
demonstrates our national pride as we vest in
„Made in Austria”.


“Someone who knows his roots will find his way.”
The Hauck Tamper company has its roots in the heart of the Salzkammergut in Austria.
Not only our family but also our products stem 100% from this region.
Our family has made its mission to provide the coffee world with tools that provide pleasure for every user.
You will experience our roots in every aspect of our tampers.
Our roots are the foundation of our company mission.