PREMIUM LINE - Hauck Tamper


We know, that nature is the best designer. The golden ratio is her template. When the fingers push through by tamping, a curved line is created. In our Premium-Line you will find all this in a perfect symbiosis. Combined with our handles, our tampers are a hymn to the human hand. The P-Line is perfect passion.
Our energy and commitment can be seen right down to the smallest detail also in this tool.

PL Masterpiece Oak

PL Rune Kona Carbon red grid

PL Rune Kona cherry

PL Rune Kona Nut

PL Rune Kona oak

PL Rune Kona Carbon black

PL Rune Kona Skater

PL Rune Kona Skater straight

PL Rune Kona Carbon blue grid

PL Rune Kona Carbon red

PL Terra Kona Skater