BARU - Hauck Tamper


A real revolution, Baru is as sensitive as any cell of your fingers. For every position of your fingers, this base ensures not only optimal guidance but also a perfect grip. Baru is perfection that you can feel.

Terra handle:
Pressure is distributed across a large area at the tamper head. The slender neck guides your fingers. Terra projects majestically from any base and even at a glance suggests that it is made for maximum control. The large area of its head optimally transfers pressure from the ball of your hand.

Rune handle
No pressure points – maximum grip – ergonomics in its purest form: Rune cuddles perfectly into the palm of any hand. The feeling of applied pressure is distributed from the palm to the fingers and ensures maximum sensitivity for the user. Rune adapts as a perfect inverse impression and makes you feel like it is part of your hand.

Terra Baru Cherry

Terra Baru Intarsia

Terra Baru Maple

Terra Baru Nut

Terra Baru Oak

Rune Baru Cherry

Rune Baru Intarsia

Rune Baru Maple

Rune Baru Nut

Rune Baru Oak